Finland with Love will capture your heart. Curated Finnish experiences for everyone.

Benny Smeds was raised in the Finnish countryside, running and exploring Finland’s wild woods, lakes, and beautiful birch trees. Today he has become an embodiment of the kind and adventurous spirit with a new venture that grants access to the true heart of Finland.

Well-studied and recognized both in the European and U.S. travel industry due to his booming concierge business, VIP Finland. Benny noticed a need in the Finnish hospitality industry years ago.

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BENNY SMEDS, Ambassador of Finland

“After studying hospitality and business in Switzerland, internships in Finland, and eventually landing in Miami to see the international landscape of the hospitality industry I realized there was a lack in Finland”

Benny’s passion for Finland’s untouched beauty has inspired him to create a new company for those seeking a freeing escape like no where else in the world.

Benny states,

“I didn’t want to see anymore empty concierge desks in the lobby, tourists deserve to find what they are looking for – a beautiful Finnish experience.”

Finland With Love is his newest and most passionate travel venture. It is the key to the best kept secret and a one-of-a-kind curation of Finnish experiences. Finland With Love has a unique focus and flare that tailor makes a travelers trip based on their budget and preferences.

Finland is a vast country with nearly 5.5 million people, nestled in between Sweden and Russia by the Baltic Sea. With over 190,000 lakes, the South Coast, and Helsinki’s archipelago, one is surrounded by nature from every angle.

There is something to do every season of the year, from visiting Lapland, Finland’s North Pole, for reindeer rides and a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights to bear safaris in the spring to swimming, boating, and berry picking in the summer; coupled with the cleanest air and water in the world, a robust sauna culture and focus on spiritual health. There is no doubt that Finland is a miraculous destination.

As you float along the lakes and in between quiet island’s you’ll find Finland’s national bird, the white swan, gliding alongside you. Sipping sap from the national birch tree, snacking on freshly picked berries to checking in to a private cabin to rest and relax next to a wood burning fire, Finland will capture your heart.


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